Imitation Gems -Useful Gemology Links! Stephen Challener Geologist Stephen gemologyonline. Time to catch up on reading, lapidary projects and binge watching TV. Stay home. Stay well. Posted: Wed Aug 19, am. Where do you buy additional aftermarket dops for Ultratec? Original dops directly from Ultratec are not cheap at all. Posted: Thu Aug 20, am.

Thats pretty inexpensive isn't it?

ultra tec dops

Posted: Thu Aug 20, pm. I sent a PM, but you may not have gotten it. I do not generally sell them, but would be willing to make some for a GO member for half the UT price. My UT was so old, that it did not have keyed dops. So I am not sure how long the standard size is. But I can make up any length you would want. Let me know the length you want, the diameter, and if you want the back cut at a For myself, I have made some longer dops, to let me get further in the wheel when doing girdles.

I can cut either a 45 or a 60 degree angle in the V dops. It would take me a few days to make them, but let me know via PM or email f you are interested. Again, I do not do this for a business, but hate to see a GO member unable to use their machine. I also understand what it is like to be on a tight budget. Posted: Fri Aug 21, pm. Folks can not get PMs until they are established members with 10 approved posts.Ultra Tec is not responsible for any collateral losses in which the supplied equipment has been involved.

The Ultra Tec Faceting Machine has a lifetime warranty, for the original purchaser, for defects in material and workmanship of all mechanical parts. Excepted are electronic components, which have a one year warranty, and parts which may require replacement because of wear, including motor brushes, flexing springs, rubber drive cones, and bearings. If the unit is used under commercial factory conditions, the warranty periods are two years and four months, respectively.

Excluded from the warranty are problems resulting from misuse, wear, modification, or accidental damage. If the unit fails to function properly, consult your representative or call the factory. If it is found to be necessary to return the unit, send it in its shipping container, prepaid, with a note that briefly describes the problem. Ultra Tec will correct the problem by repair or replacement and return the unit to you.

Ultra Tec is not responsible or liable for unauthorized repairs, alterations, or any contingent damages. It represents years of development and research, and it offers the user unrivaled precision and repeatability. The Ultra Tec approach is to provide a design which is direct, simple, and which does not compromise the gem-cutting task.

Emerald Dops Thin

Ultra Tec equipment allows maximum accuracy, brilliance, and yield from the rough material. The Ultra Tec Faceting Machine is manufactured by trained crafts people who understand the equipment and the need for its precision machining and assembly. These people are proud of their efforts.

The warranty page of this manual shows the test results signed by the person who performed the final calibration. We welcome you to the family of Ultra Tec Faceters. We believe you will become an enthusiastic Ultra Tec user.

Word of mouth recommendation has been an important factor in our growth and we sincerely want you to join that growing group of satisfied Ultra Tec owners. It is, nonetheless, a rugged machine that will provide you with many years of use. Normal cleanliness with minimal care will give you many hundreds of faceted gems. As with any electro-mechanical device, there can be occasional problems--and if you experience one, re-read the Owner's manual for the function involved, to assure that you are performing the operation correctly.

If you still experience a problem, communicate with your Ultra Tec representative or with the factory. These pages can help, and with one or another of the available instruction books you will find rather rapid success. If you can get some good advice, so much the better.

As you proceed, tasks that seem difficult will become easy. Remember that faceting is a "doing" process. A pound of thinking and pondering will not be as helpful as an ounce of trying. Working with the equipment--getting a "feel" for it and for the gem material, will allow you to progress most rapidly. These are the included items:. As a template for the cutout, use the Wood Base—the cutout corresponds to the inside dimensions—you can trace that with a pencil 2.

Attach the Drain Hose—push on firmly. Lead the Drain Hose through the bushing in the rear wall of the Wood Base or, if you have mounted the Base into a desk top, you may want to direct the Drain Tube straight downand then to a container--a gallon plastic container is good.

Be sure the hose does not kink, and that there are no loops in the hose on its way to the container—these are things that would prevent draining. When setting the Splashgaurd into position on the Base, be sure that the drain molded onto the Splashguard is set into the Drain Funnel in the Baseplate. To hold the Spashguard in place, wet the retaining buttons and press them into the holes in the brackets.

The Splashguard is easily removed for cleaning—to do that, press out the rubber retaining buttons from the brackets and lift up the Splashguard. To reinsert, wet the buttons and press them back into the brackets. For girdle grinding, the rim of the Splashguard is held down by the Hold-down rods providing access to the lap. When the operation is complete, the hold-down rods are disengaged and the Splashguard returns to its regular shape.LINKS contact.

ultra tec dops

Ultra Tec. They are easier to find than other gems and are reasonably priced. I would not recommend Rose Quartz or any other gem with a slight haze to it because your finished gem will not be as bright as it would be without the "haziness". Rough material When you buy rough it's better to buy rough that is too light than too dark as it's extremely hard to rescue dark material in the cutting, whereas light material will show the cut very well even if it doesn't have ideal saturation.

Especially at first avoid included material as this is much harder to deal with and often results in lower yield and a disappointing final appearance. I have used a number of other faceting machines which have ranged from terrible to mediocre but my favorite is the Ultra Tec.

If you are interested in purchasing an Ultra Tec machine please contact me. Laps : For starting out you should probably have a and a grit "topper" lap a lap that you put on top of another for support, they are thinner and cheapera grit Raytech Nubond lap and a grit Raytech NuBond lap.

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These will allow you to do most of the kinds of cutting you will want to do. For polishing I recommend the Spectra Ultra laps for the quartz, opal and feldspar groups and for most other gems a Tin lap with Linde A polishing powder. If you are looking to economize and will limit yourself to fewer gem varieties then this list can be made a bit shorter but in the long run you will probably want most of these.

Dops : The most useful dops are the cone dops and you might want a few "Vee" dops. Most of the more "exotic" shapes aren't that useful. Except for "emerald dops" which are good for tourmalines and other long gems. I personally like to use Dop Wax for the second side of the gem and a kind of clay like epoxy for the first side. This avoids "Shifting" of the gem which can occur if Dop wax is used for both sides and also allows me to more precisely position the intitial preform.

Odds and Ends : You will need an alcohol lamp, lighter and acetone. You will also probably want an Optivisor and 10 power triplet loupe for examining your work. Unfortunately it is currently out of print but hopefully that will change soon. Ultra Tec Modifications In most cases the drip tank that comes standard with the Ultra Tec will break after a few years.Let me start out by saying that I have been faceting for 24 years, and I have owned a few different faceting machines.

Before I bought my Ultra Tec machine, I researched all the different faceting machine manufacturers that I could find. After a few years, I was happy to keep the girdle even. This started my quest to find a machine that was quality made, could be updated, adjusted if needed, had fine settings, and would last a long time. The Ultra Tec machine had everything I was looking for, plus all the pieces were machined and assembled in one location in California.

But if you do your part in understanding how a gem is cut before starting, your 1st gem will come out looking as good as your th gem. This is when you will understand that quality and repeatability are worth the money. The same mast will work on both machines, although I prefer having a mast for each. The Fantasy Machine comes with a complete set of tools. Other tools and sizes are available.

Larry and Morgan Mattos AshtonGems aol. Tools for the Concave and Fantasy Machines small ball tool is an option. Ultra Tec Faceting Equipment. Ultra Tec machines also come with a life time warranty. For more information and a complete price list for machines and optional tools, please call: Larry and Morgan Mattos AshtonGems aol.Chestnut, Santa Ana, California, There are two aspects of the transferring process: mechanical alignment and dopping.

Both of these tasks are difficult for the beginning faceter, but are taken in stride by the experienced faceter.

Ultra Tec Faceting Equipment

Most people learn to use the old standard technique, aligning the stone to the new dop by using an opposed V-block device, and attaching the stone with dopping wax. This paper does not mean to suggest that the standard technique is wrong, but discusses some of the problems and describes modified techniques. People have told us they found them preferable and you may wish to try them. If you have difficulty, just remember how it was the first time you performed a transfer and give the new idea a chance.

Other designs which provide movement of one of the V-blocks are convenient, but of necessity trade-off some degree of accuracy. The advantage of this set-up was that the wax on one side would remain soft relative to the other since the V-block placed on pins could be heated, and remain hot, while the other worked as a large heat sink. Every textbook on faceting describes the standard transfer techniques, using the transfer fixtures mentioned above.

The purpose of this paper is to describe some less well known techniques. The error results from the natural tolerance errors of the devices affecting the alignment-the dops, the spindle, the index gears and the transfer fixture. Be suspicious of anyone who tells you there is "no error" in his system.

Not only do tolerance errors unavoidably exist in all manufactured items, but the effect is particularly severe in a transfer process. However, there is an advantage of a keyed system. If it is accurate, it allows the faceter to remove the dopped stone and then put it back into the machine with the stone regaining the original radial position. This feature allows the faceter to align the pavilion and crown facets, and after accomplishing that he can tighten the dop into a dop chuck which is keyed.

That is "having your cake and eating it too. Whatever approach you take in performing the transfer, you will see that the unkeyed dops make the crown-pavilion alignment part of it much easier. This is done by pointing the spindle up several degrees creating a "negative angle," and grinding at the edge of the lap, as shown.

When doing this set the index gear at 0. Tighten the set screw very lightly, so the dop can be rotated by hand easily. With the index gear at O and the angle dial set at a positive angle that mirrors the previously used negative angle, level the "alignment facet" on the lap fig. Finger pressure on the stone will cause it to level. Then tighten the dop chuck set screw-an accurate alignment has been accomplished.

This is a proven technique that most people like. If your gem design includes a faceted girdle, one of those facets can be used for alignment making the process that much easier.

Dops for Ultra Tec Faceting Machine

John used no transfer fixture. First though, let's look at a method that does use a transfer fixture, but not in the usual way. Before removing the dop from the machine to perform the transfer, cut the "reverse facet" mentioned above. The next step and I gasped, when I first saw it done is to remove the stone from the first dop.

Clean the stone and set it aside. Prepare the fixture by putting a clean flat dop of any convenient size on one side. Prepare a cavity dop with wax, insert the pavilion of the stone into-the wax, and placing this into the opposing side of the transfer fixture, press the rough table the originally dopped surface against the face of the flat dop. This will have the effect of squaring your stone to the centreline of the cavity dop, while the cavity dop itself controls radial positioning.

There are apparent advantages to this system. Early removal of the original dop avoids a danger of movement of the stone, which is a problem when the original dop is removed as a last step. It also corrects the effect of any mechanical error in the straightness of the original dop. This method is a little trickier in that it depends on the forward thrust of the dop, which is accomplished by sliding the faceting head forward to equalize pressure against the rim of the cavity dop and to eliminate lateral angular errors.

To say that another way, the first method, which uses a fixture, avoids any possible sideways motion; the "Grieger" technique depends on pressure between the opposing elements to accomplish that.

These are easy to draw, you may say, but I can testify to the excellence of John Grieger's faceted stones.The Alpha lap works well on gemstones between 7 and 8 Mohs hardness, such as Beryls, Garnets, Tourmaline, and many others. Use the lap at low to moderate lap speeds, with just a water misting on the surface.

You can also use the lap with Alumina slurry to speed up performance. This is a tin alloy laminated polishing lap. It is gentler in use than harder alloys; charges easily; and gives excellent results with stones from hardness 4 and up.

It is optimized for diamond use, and in particular, for use with Voodoo Magic Faceting Polish. If you missed Tucson, or missed us in Tucson, or just didn't get a shirt when you saw us, here's your chance to get your very own bright, colorful, pretty, original, limited edition, limited time, limited quantity, exclusive, Academy of Faceting Artists "Tucson, " sweat shirt just like the one I was wearing a the show!

If you missed Tucson, or missed us in Tucson, or just didn't get a mug when you saw us, here's your chance to get your very own bright, colorful, pretty, original, limited edition, limited time, limited quantity, exclusive, Academy of Faceting Artists beverage mug just like the one I was drinking from in Tucson. If you missed Tucson, or missed us in Tucson, or just didn't get a shirt when you saw us, here's your chance to get your very own bright, colorful, pretty, original, limited edition, limited time, limited quantity, exclusive, Academy of Faceting Artists "Tucson, " T-shirt!

One of the most important pieces of the faceting equipment kit, this device has many more uses than just transferring stones from one dop to another This is the super-economy option. These special grooved, hard fiber phenolic laps by Crystalite are used for final shaping and polishing of sapphire, ruby and garnet not for faceting.

The laps retain their diamond compound charge efficiently. These thin film final polishing laps are made with conventional abrasives. These laps require a master lap to support them. You can handle large work pieces with ease. These dot pattern discs feature aggressive, fast cutting action for rough cabbing and preforming large faceted stones. They are ideal for cutting large flat areas where hydroplaning and grinding force are factors.

The fast cutting mesh disc cuts like a 40 mesh and the mesh disc cuts like a 60 mesh. It is excellent for rough cabbing and preforming large faceted stones. As the tips of the ripple forms wear, fresh diamond is exposed, permitting the disc to remain sharp throughout its long life.LINKS contact. Ultra Tec. Why BUY the ultra tec? Personally, I feel that the Ultra Tec faceting machine is the best buy at any price and will try to explain some of the reasons I have for thinking this.

ultra tec dops

What to look for in a faceting machine Faceting is a highly precise business or at least it is meant to be that is very dependent on good equipment and patience for superior results. Because of this you want a faceting machine that is extremely solid and inflexible.

Surprisingly regardless of the importance of this fact this is probably the most common problem with faceting machines on the market today.

Many of them, due to design or manufacturing flaws, have too much "flex". Now as a machinist would know, all machines, even large lathes and mills, have some SMALL degree of flex. Some of the other machines on the market have extreme amounts of flex, especially when maladjusted. The Ultra Tec is one of the few faceting machines on the market maybe the only?? While this may be hard for a beginner to understand let me just say that it opens up lots of possibilities for creativity and speed.

If you are going to be using your machine much I would recommend one with 8 inch wheels. While most of the machines on the market at this time use 8 inch wheels there are a few that use 6 inch wheels.

A 6 inch wheel is slightly cheaper to buy but by my calculations they have about half the surface area of an 8 inch wheel so the 8 inch wheel lasts much longer while costing only slightly more. The only benefit that I can see to a six inch machine is if you want to carry it frequently in your luggage during flights overseas.

That would get kind of heavy after while and explaining it to customs could be a trick! Since I see that this list could go on and on I will just list the benefits of the Ultra Tec as opposed to many competing machines in a fairly brief manner as well as the very few detractions that I know of. A Lifetime Warranty by the manufacturer. Likely to remain in business for the foreseeable future, run by the sons of the former CEO who are fairly young.

They are reasonably sensitive to user feedback and have improved the design steadily over the years. Future upgrades designed to be used with prior models see our news page. Constant angle reading even when not on the stop. This saves MANY potential broken gems and is a problem with a number of competing machines. Can cut and polish tables at 90 degrees without a 45 degree adapter, one of three machines that can do this that I know of.

Polishing like this is NOT a recommended technique for large gems. Relatively simple dop keying system, if you use the dop keys I don't. Relatively common today but the Ultra Tec is one of the easier ones to set. A "Hard Stop", my preferred kind. It means that it "stops" you once you reach the angle you set. The Ultra Tec transfer jig I use seems to work well. They have changed this but the new model looks sound. Many other manufacturer's transfer jigs are dubious at best.

This causes many problems. Overall the machine wears very well in my experience.