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All years. See TSBs and recalls for the smart fortwo. See most expensive repairs Worried about potential repair costs? Chart based on 76 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

They replaced it and the axle if the axles surface isn't smooth where it contacts the seal it will destroy the seal, probably what happened here. Replaced, the fan is also the radiator, and condensor mounting frame, so it is a decently complex job.

Software error. Software update was performed of the Sprintshift Control Module to resolve the complaint. Would lock up in neutral. Update computer. Harsh shifting. Dealer could not duplicate problem. Nothing repaired. Mercedes would not replace the unit under warranty. Dealer upgraded and replaced clutch plate.Login or Sign Up Log in with. Member List.

Stuck in neutral when engine is on. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Stuck in neutral when engine is onPM. Ok, I'm rapidly losing my enthusiasm for this car. I've only had it a month and this is now the second problem that has appeared.

If I start the engine, I cannot put it into gear - neither reverse nor 1st; the N just flashes at me on the dash. If I turn the key to "I" then I can move the selector and hear the shift happening behind me - the dash reflects that this is indeed happening.

I've checked the fuses and none related to "engine" or "transmission control unit" are blown. The car was 2 years old at the end of September so Smart just tells me that it's outside of warranty.

Anybody seen this? Should I just put it into gear and then try starting it? Tags: None. Re: Stuck in neutral when engine is on. Originally posted by QuackingPlums View Post. Last edited by PM ;PM. Comment Cancel Post.

smart car stuck in neutral

Re: Stuck in neutral when engine is on On the this is usually a faulty brake light switch not recognising your foot on the brake, and can be bypassed by nudging the gear lever forwards after sliding it across to the left.

Doubt that it will start in anything but neutral - a wont. Re: Stuck in neutral when engine is on Common issue with the is it not selecting reverse but not so common with it not selecting any gear. You are pressing the brake at the same time right?

You wouldn't be the first nor the last. Re: Stuck in neutral when engine is on Yeah, I have my foot on the brake. This is a 58 plate I believe facelifted, cc. Annoyingly, as I only bought it last month, I totally forgot that I need breakdown cover. Re: Stuck in neutral when engine is on Thanks for all the advice by the way Re: Stuck in neutral when engine is on Few things to check, brake bulbs are correct should be twin filament bulbs with the pins on either side at different heights and two blobs on the bottom and that they're inserted the right way.

You should only be able to fit them in one way round but people somehow force them!

How to Put a Car Into Neutral When the Battery Is Dead

THen that everything is connected properly like earths. Then I would have words with smart about having the clutch replaced as it's a known and common issue. My car had a hissy fit with the eco light flashing at me and with the clutch slipping, what it turned out to be was a loose engine earth cable, I replaced and upgraded the earth with an improved car overall and an improvement in MPG. I don't know what my MPG is but I'm currently getting about miles out of a tank, which is less than I expected given that my old Aygo which also had a 3-cylinder, cc engine managed without even trying.Modern vehicles have electronic ignitions; most of them also have electronic shift lock, often included as a safety or anti-theft feature.

This presents a problem if your battery is dead; without power, the electronic shift lock cannot disengage with the key in the ignition. All vehicles with electronic shift lock have a manual override, allowing you to bypass the feature in emergencies. Set your parking brake for safety. Some vehicles use a handbrake next to your gear selector; others use a pedal brake, which is usually to the left of your brake pedal.

Locate and engage the shift lock override. Vehicles with electronic shift lock have manual overrides. Look for a tiny, removable panel on your shift selector. Pry this panel up with a flathead screwdriver. Insert the screwdriver into the hole to engage the manual shift lock override.

smart car stuck in neutral

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Step 1 Set your parking brake for safety. Step 2 Locate and engage the shift lock override.

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Step 3 Insert your key into the ignition; turn it to the "On" or "Acc" position. Depress the brake pedal completely. Move the shift selector to neutral. Tip If your vehicle does not have a manual shift lock override, it does not have an electronic shift lock. Follow the procedure, omitting the manual override step. Warning Don't forget to engage your parking brake; your vehicle could roll forward or backwards without it.

Items you will need Flathead screwdriver.

smart car stuck in neutral

About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.Since the early s, vehicles with automatic transmissions are equipped with a key-shift interlock safety feature that locks the shifter in the Park position each time the shifter is placed there.

When one of these components fails, you may not be able to move the shifter out of Park. By law, all and newer vehicles are equipped with brake-shift interlock. It is not necessary to start the engine. Normally, the slot is plugged with a small plastic cap. Remove the cap. Either the brake light fuse is blown or the brake light switch is faulty. These are the most common reasons for a shifter being stuck in Park.

Note: The connection between a faulty brake light switch and the shifter being stuck in Park is that a properly functioning brake light switch sends a signal to the shift interlock solenoid when the brake pedal is depressed, which causes the interlock solenoid to release the shifter.

A faulty brake light switch does not send this signal. However, before replacing the interlock solenoid, use a digital multi-meter to rule out the problem being an open circuit in the wiring. In other words, if the electrical signal that causes the solenoid to lock and unlock the shifter is not reaching the solenoid because of an open circuit in the wiring — replacing the solenoid will not help.

The shift interlock solenoid is located underneath the shifter console right alongside the shifter lever. To access the shift interlock solenoid, you must remove the center console. In these instances, cleaning the solenoid and locking mechanism with Q-tips and alcohol may resolve the problem. Check for power at the shift interlock solenoid. If power is present, the shifter interlock solenoid is bad.

The Transmission Parking Pawl is the least likely cause for a shifter being stuck in Park. But, it does happen. The two main factors that point to the parking pawl as the possible culprit are; 1 the shifter lock bypass procedure described above does not release the shifter 2 you are parked on an incline and you did not set the emergency brake before shifting into Park.

What are your options when your vehicle needs reflashed after a new transmission is installed. Typically for Ford and GM 6-speed, 8-speed, 9-speed and speed vehicles. Automatic Transmission Repair Costs What is a fair price to pay for various transmission repairs? What kinds of repairs does a transmission need? Automatic Transmission Rebuild Costs Does your transmission need rebuilt? Fair price guide for the price range of a transmission rebuild. Remanufactured Transmission Options and Costs Considering a remanufactured transmission?

Here are costs and options for how to purchase. Fill out the form here to get an estimate via e-mail. How to Replace a Transmission Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid What is a transmission torque converter clutch solenoid and how to replace one if it goes bad. How to Replace a Transmission Pressure Control Solenoid What is a transmission pressure control solenoid and how to replace one if it goes bad. How to Remove and Install an Automatic Transmission - RWD If you are facing a transmission replacement, you can reduce the cost considerably by removing and re-installing the transmission yourself.

Here we provide step-by-step instructions for removing and replacing a transmission. How to Replace a Transmission Speed Sensor For most vehicles, the speed sensor is plugged into the transmission or transaxle. When the speed sensor fails the speedometer stops working and shifts may become erratic.Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: The gearbox sticks in first and engine wont start. The gearbox sticks in first and engine wont start.

I've only had my Smarty for a couple of weeks now model Pulse with the full auto box and its been brilliant so far. However, tonight, my wife had trouble starting it at school, but it eventually went.

It didnt turn over at all at first. She drove home, stopped in the drive and turned the engine off whilst she opened the garage door, then it wouldnt go again. Problem is, it was stuck in first gear "1" shown on the dashso we tried rocking it, heard two distinct whirring noises from the back, and now it works ok. It went back into neutral and started fine. What could this be? She wont go to work in it tomorrow in case it does it again!

Could be the gear position sensor on the way out, which is situated on the side of the gearbox You Are putting it into neutral before trying start it aren't you? Problem is, it feels physically stuck in 1st gear, with the wheels locked, not just an electrical thing. The position sensor and the gear shift motor are both used in the gear changing on the smart, so I'd suggest it will be one of these two things.

If you think it's more mechanical it will be the latter, which carries out the actual gear change. I guess a visit to your local smart or indie should be able to sort it quite quickly. As you've only had the car a few weeks I have to ask. When you're trying to start the car have you got the selector in N and your foot on the brake, If you don't then it won't deselect 1st. You should really select N before switching off anyway. Originally Posted by Anon. Join Date Dec Location, Posts 7.

I had this recently with my car. A new clutch activator cured the problem completely. The old one was quite badly worn, corroded and sticky! I think the wet sometimes gets into them, and if you have only just purchased your car, you dont know if it has been through any flood water. Thats what did it to mine I think The symptoms with mine were that sometimes it didnt change gear when it should have done, ie when in slow moving traffic, it didnt change down making very uncomfortable driving, and sometimes on coming to a standstill it didnt change out of first so stalling the engine and remaining in gear when stopped!

How do I unlock it to get it home please. Originally Posted by bobpalt. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. The time now is PM.It is a standard safety feature. What would be your first reaction when you find the automatic gear shift stuck in park? Some people try to force the shifter into gear, which is a big mistake.

It will do more harm than good. Parking on a hill or an incline may create this problem. It happens if you cannot park the vehicle properly. It may roll when you release the brakes after shifting into the park mode. As a result, the entire weight of the car goes onto the parking gear and the pawl prevents the gear from retracting.

Then, take off the foot and move the shift into park. In this way, the car will not roll and the parking brake will hold its weight, not the gear and pawl. How do you release the shifter when it does not move from the park position? Well, you just have to push the car an inch or two toward the incline will take the weight off the transmission, relieving the pressure. If the brake light is not on when you push on the brake, the switch might be the source of trouble.

smart car 2013 shifter motor and transmission issues

Make sure that it is plugged in and functioning. There is a connection between the switch and the shift interlock mechanism. The car is unlikely to shift out of park if the switch is not working. The brake-shift interlock prevents the shifting of a vehicle so that you cannot accidentally run it into reverse or drive. The absence of this function in old cars caused many injuries and property damage.

You will need to apply the brakes for the shifter interlock to release the lock and allow the vehicle to move out of the park position. Click here!!! However, a failed interlock will make the automatic gear shift stuck in park even after using the brakes. You can override the system to release the shifter if it is an emergency. Tsukasa Azuma is an awesome car blogger of Car From Japan.

He owns a car repair shop at downtown Osaka, and he put all that experience to good use in his sharing posts. Read Now!


Login with Google. Likes Followers Followers. Import used cars directly from Japan. Maintenance Tips. By Tsukasa Azuma Last updated Jan 10, 1. Tsukasa Azuma. Prev Post Read Now! Show Comments 1. CFJ Kenya. CFJ Mozambique.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 10 of Thread: ForTwo won't start. ForTwo won't start I'd really appreciate some advice. Bought my '04 Fortwo on Saturday and she was fine on the long journey home. I popped to the shop yesterday morning and when I got back into the car I didn't start her straight away and the immobiliser must have kicked in as she wouldn't start didn't know this at the time.

She started after about 5 mins and was ok until later when I did the same thing again. Called RAC who kindly showed me how to immobilise her. All fine again until this morning when parked up and after a 20 min phone call tried to start her again and even though she was in neutral she just shows reverse and won't turn over. Any help is more than welcome. Many thanks. Obvious things first. Just re-read your original post - You need to do to make sure the car is in neutral.

If its showing "R", it won't start. Make sure it reads "N" before turning the ignition off.

Import used cars directly from Japan

I'm rubbish at multitasking - If I'd been concentratiing, I could have done this in one post Anyway, Smart gearboxes are a bit weird. If you turn off the ignition with the car in gear Reverse, in your case the gears are left engaged in reverse. When you turn it back on, it won't let the engine start because you'd whizz off down the road backwards.

So you need to Turn on the ignition Put your foot on the brake Put the car into gear 1st or Reverse - either will do Put the car back into Neutral again Now, the gearbox has now been properly put back into Neutral again and will be happy to start Like I said in one of my many previous posts, make sure it reads "N" before switching off the ignition. The recommended parking gear is also reverse correct? Originally Posted by GetSmart. Join Date Nov Location, Posts 1, Out of genuine interest, do naughty people nick Smart cars much?

I can see new ones being pinched but older one are not really valuable enough to be worth ringing, surely? There can't be that much of a stolen-for-spares market and I can't see kids nicking them for joyriding much either. I'm sure someone on here will have been unlucky but I'd wager they must rank quite low down on the "Cars Wot Get Nicked" list. Or am I as wrong as a wrong thing?