Return up to empty containers per person, per day in a clean, friendly, and fully-staffed Redemption Centers using our state-of-the-art, self-serve, bottle and can return machines.

Receive your cash refund using our onsite Pay Station, or put your refund values in your BottleDrop account. Find BottleDrop self-serve return machines. Fill up one of our Green Bags with your empties, drop it off at a local BottleDrop or one of our partner retailers, and have your refund credited to your BottleDrop account.

oregon bottle return locations

Visit one of these locations, or many other stores around Oregon, to have up to 50 containers hand counted per day. Then you can be on your way with your cash refund.

Find a location to get a hand count. I just visited the new BottleDrop and it was an excellent experience! Trying to take cans and bottles back before was a pain. I was amazed at how quick and quiet the process was at BottleDrop…and easy! Return up to bottles and cans per person per day. Receive your cash refund using our onsite Pay Station, or put refund values on your BottleDrop account.

Find self-serve return machines. You can log in to your BottleDrop account to update your pin. If you have any questions, give us a call us at or send us an email at info bottledropcenters.

Learn more about how to use BottleDrop Plus. BottleDrop refillable bottles can be returned much like any other deposit container.

Simply drop it in your Green Bag or use a BottleDrop return machine. You can also return BottleDrop refillables with the BottleBox program, or at one of our participating retail locations.

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Learn more about BottleDrop Refillables. Donate to a nonprofit and support your favorite cause. Create a BottleDrop Account. Self-Serve Returns Return up to empty containers per person, per day in a clean, friendly, and fully-staffed Redemption Centers using our state-of-the-art, self-serve, bottle and can return machines. Featured Frequently Asked Questions How many containers can I return daily using the self-serve bottle and can return machines?

How do I log in to my online account? How do I change my PIN? What is BottleDrop Plus?

This is How we Recycle Bottles in Oregon - aileenkrell❤️

How do I return my BottleDrop Refillables? Ready to Return Containers? All BottleDrop locations are open 7 days a week!If you signed up online, use the online username and password you created to log in to your account. If you signed up at a kiosk, use your 9-digit account card number and the password that was sent to your phone or email to log in. If you signed up online, log in to your account, select Login and Security, and request a card.

Then, visit a kiosk and use the code to get your card. If you signed up at a kiosk, your card should be automatically dispensed. Bag tags: print these at a kiosk and put one of these stickers on each of your bags. They are specific to your account and let us know the bags belong to you.

Fill your bags with Oregon deposit containers. Remember to put a bag tag on each bag before using your account card to open the drop door. Then shut the door after dropping your bags to encourage other customers to scan their card.

After your bags process, get your cash voucher at a kiosk and take it to the BottleDrop Pay Station or to the retail cashier to get your refund. Find where you can drop your bags across Oregon. A box of Green Bags has 10 bags, and each bag can hold between 70 and 90 containers. Green Bags will be processed and credited to your account within 7 days.

In the event BottleDrop is unable to process a bag and credit your account within 7 days, we will provide a bag credit based on recent activity in your account. All beverage containers with an Oregon refund value can be returned in your Green Bags. Do not crush containers. You may mix plastic, glass, and aluminum bottles and cans in the same bag. The quickest way to sign up is with a valid Oregon ID. We ask for an Oregon ID to verify your identity and address to help keep your account secure.

We do not use personal information for any purpose other than to set up your account and contact you if there are issues with your account. Customers without an SMS capable phone may contact BottleDrop Customer Service and provide a valid email address and valid identification with a mailing address to qualify for a BottleDrop account.

Please note, an Oregon ID is not required to get an account. Customers signing up online or at a kiosk without an Oregon ID will simply need to have their account verified by our customer service team. You can drop off up to 15 bags per account, per quarter year at BottleDrop locations. Bags dropped at any Partner Retailer drop location, which are different from BottleDrop Express sites, do not count toward this limit.

Learn more about Partner Retailer drop locations. When you reach your limit, you will receive an SMS or email notification if you have accurate contact information on your account and your card will no longer open the drop doors until the next quarter. You will still be able to withdraw your account balance, use Plus, and purchase Green Bags. You may also continue to redeem containers using our self-service machines at any BottleDrop. To find out how many bags you can drop today, or how close you are to your limit, log in to your account.

Still Have Questions? Check out these FAQs. How long does it take to get my credit? What types of containers can I put in my Green Bags? What do I need to sign up? How many bags may I drop off each time I visit?First Quarter Finance. At Fred Meyer and other Oregon grocery stores, you can return your used bottles for cash.

Oregon is one of a handful of states that has implemented a bottle bill — a surcharge added to specific types of containers.

This bottle bill also allows you to return empty bottles and receive a refund for the surcharge. Not to worry! Fred Meyer is a grocery store chain based out of Oregon. Oregon, like several other states, has a Bottle Bill in place.

Note: Fred Meyer also has locations in Washington State and Alaska; however, these states do not have bottle bills and therefore do not offer bottle return services. But you have the opportunity to get that extra charge back as a refund when you return the empty containers to a participating retailer, like Fred Meyer.

Once your containers have been returned to the store, they are recycled. Some Fred Meyer store locations have machines that will count your empty bottles for you.

Fred Meyer Bottle Return: Hours, Locations, Bottles Accepted, & More

Other locations accept returns by hand count only. Both services are only available during regular store hours, which are usually 7 a. Contact your local Fred Meyer to learn more about their specific bottle return policies. Yes, the Fred Meyer bottle return hours are the same as the store hours. So, if you have more than containers to return, you should plan to spread your return out over multiple days.

Please note that the containers must be fully emptied and clean before you return them. Once the employee has calculated the amount of your refund, they will pay it out to you in cash.

oregon bottle return locations

If your local Fred Meyer has a redemption center with machines, simply insert your clean, empty bottles into the machine, one at a time. The machine will track the number of items and the amount of your refund. Take the ticket into the store and cash it at the customer service department or at one of the registers. If you need to make a purchase, you may also use the ticket as a credit toward your purchase. As bottle return policies differ by state, it is important to note that some of the policies below may change, depending on location.

These policies are for stores located in Oregon. If you have empty bottles and cans lying around, you can set aside the accepted containers and take them to your local Fred Meyer store for a refund. You can return up to containers per day.Through May 31, OLCC did not enforce the requirement for retailers to accept empty beverage container returns. Many people have been saving their empty beverage containers, and while we want to give customers a chance to return their accumulated containers, we also don't want to cause unsafe conditions.

Our industry partners, including Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative and Northwest Grocers Association, are creating systems to accommodate returns while maintaining physical distancing and other requirements to ensure the safety of customers and store personnel. With the passage of Senate Billeffective September 29,all hard seltzers and kombuchas are included in the Bottle Bill and have an Oregon cent refund value if in metal, glass, or plastic bottles or cans in sizes 3 liters or less.

Oregon's Bottle Bill & Redemption Centers

DRCs, or partner retailers, are stores that have partnered with BottleDrop and provide a drop off location for BottleDrop bags. Not every bag drop-off location is a DRC. A DRC will have a sign posted near the drop door that will identify it as a dealer redemption center.

The store will also have an OLCC notice posted in its container return area which is not necessarily near the drop door identifying it as a DRC and indicating that the store may limit returns to 24 containers per person per day.

The list can be found here. DRCs must have their drop doors available for the return of green and blue bags from 8 AM to 8 PM if the stores are open during those hours. BottleDrop account holders will not be charged a processing fee for bags deposited at a DRC, and those bags will not count toward the 15 bag per quarter limit for green bags. All other BottleDrop terms and conditions apply. Stores with a DRC must continue to accept container returns outside BottleDrop's green and blue bag account programs at all hours the stores are open, but may limit these returns to 24 containers per person per day.

These returns would be by hand count or through a self-service machine. DRCs can be in a city of any size. In most cases, the establishment of a DRC does not affect the number of containers that stores in their proximity must accept.

oregon bottle return locations

However, if a DRC is established in a town with a population of less than 10, stores within a one-mile radius of the DRC can also limit returns to 24 containers per person per day if they meet certain requirements. Most beverages that are sold in sealed glass, metal, and plastic cans and bottles have an Oregon refund value if in two different sizes ranges. Use this form to provide information on your business so OLCC staff can determine if you must accept container returns, and if you must how many and what types.

Redemption Center Registration Form. Any person may establish a redemption center, subject to the approval of the OLCC, at which people may return empty beverage containers and receive payment of the cent refund value of those containers.

ORS A. The OLCC shall carry out the calculation separately for glass, metal, and plastic containers and shall post the percentages on the website. BottleBill oregon. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns about current Bottle Bill services, including issues with returning your beverage containers to retailers or BottleDrop Redemption Centers.

Customer Feedback Form. Your browser is out-of-date! It has known security flaws and may not display all features of this and other websites. Learn how. Skip to main content. Full Width Column 1. All stores under 5, square feet in size must accept container returns. Most stores 5, or more square feet in size must also accept container returns.

Stores that do not have to accept container returns are listed in the Zone 1 column in the Redemption Centers - Complete List found below.Most grocery stores have closed their beverage container return services after the Oregon Liquor Control Commission notified them Sunday that the agency would not penalize stores for doing so until March Grocery stores asked the state for clemency, saying that staffs were stretched thin trying to re-stock rapidly emptying shelves, upping sanitation measures and managing social distancing.

Stores are also dealing with employees who must call off work because they are sick or need to care for children whose schools are closed.

However, some of them have been temporarily closed since Sunday. Bottle Drop spokesman Joel Schoening said that those drop doors are supposed to remain open from now. The five Bottle Drop branded locations in the Portland area will remain open for the time being:. Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway in Beaverton. King Road in Milwaukie. Hayden Meadows Drive in Portland. Glisan Street in Portland. Pacific Highway in Tigard.

The 25 Bottle Drop redemption centers statewide will also remain open. The locations are still staffed, and Bottle Drop is shifting employee resources to make sure they can remain open and manage social distancing. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. All rights reserved About Us. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local.

Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Ad Choices. Please support high-quality local journalism. Subscribe to OregonLive. Facebook Share. Twitter Share.In the late s and early s, under Governor Tom McCall, Oregon became known as an environmental leader by passing landmark legislation on such issues as land use planning and the open beach bill, cleaning up the Willamette River, and forming the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

But as much as any other piece of legislation, it was the Oregon Bottle Bill, signed into law in Julywhich has defined how Oregonians think of themselves and their environment. The original language included carbonated and malt beverages only because these were the most common containers disposed of along Oregon highways. The law was not the first attempt at such legislation in Oregon. Three legislators introduced a short bill in that would have simply banned the sale of beer in non-returnable containers.

This bill died in the House on a vote, largely due to a promise by the beverage industry to find suitable solutions to the litter problem for the Legislature to consider. During the legislative interim, other states and provinces took on the issue of throwaway beverage containers. In springBritish Columbia became the first province in North America to require that all beer and soft drink containers be returnable. Washington State voted on a similar initiative in the fall of Preliminary polls showed the Washington initiative as winning by an overwhelming majority[i].

However, following a very expensive publicity push by the national beverage and container industries, the initiative failed by a 49 percent to 51 percent margin. In Oregon, an interim legislative committee worked on issues of litter and throwaway containers. In all, the committee held 16 hearings and heard testimony from witnesses. The full committee recommended a package of nine legislative acts to be considered by the Legislature.

Among these was HB - the Bottle Bill. From the start of the legislative session, HB was one of the most intensely lobbied bills in the history of the Oregon Legislature[ii]. In spite of intense lobbying by the container and beverage industries, HB passed the House by and the Senate byand was signed into law by Governor McCall on July 2, Many amendments to the bottle bill were proposed sincebut few had been adopted until legislation that expanded the bill to include water and flavored water containers, and legislation that expanded the law further to include juices, teas and most other non-carbonated beverages.

The most significant earlier changes were to require that the plastic ring connectors used to hold cans or bottles together be biodegradable or photodegradableand to allow stores to limit redemption to no more than containers from a single person per day Since the first Oregon bottle bill passed inOregon has seen major changes in the nature or type of beverages and containers distributed and sold in the state.Prepare to be cut off by TEN INCHES of snow: Hundreds without power, chaos on the roads, towns are warned.

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